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Networking Research-In-Progress (NRiP) Workshop

April 5, Noon - 5:00PM
557 Flarsheim Hall, 5110 Rockhill Road, KCMO

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January 2013: Deep Medhi visited Computer Science & Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati, where he serves as an honorary professor.


September-November 2012: Phd student Dallal Belabed of University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France visited NetReL Lab work with Deep Medhi

October 2012: Deep Medhi served as General Chair at 8th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Las Vegas.

August-September, 2012: PhD student Akira Wada from Osaca City University, Japan was back again visiting NeTReL Lab to work on the joint US-Japan project, "SeRViTR".

August 2012: Xuan Liu started an internship at Huawei Technologies, Santa Clara, California.

August 2012: Soumick Dasgupta started an internship with K&M Wireless, Overland Park, Kansas.

August 2012: Parikshit Juluri started an internship with Samsung in Dallas, Texas.

July 9~11, 2012: Xuan Liu attended GEC14, Boston, MA. She presented a demo and poster titled "SeRViTR: A Secure and Resilient Virtual Trust Routing Framework for Future Internet".

May 30 ~ June 1, 2012: Parikshit Juluri and Xuan Liu attended GPN 2012. They co-presented a poster titled "Autonomic Management based Dynamic Network Reconfiguration".

May 2012: Haiyang Qian defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations!

April 2012: Deep Medhi was a keynote speaker at the 30th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC 2012), Ouro Preto, Brazil.


November 2011: PhD student Catarina Francisco from the University of Coimbra, Portugal visited NeTReL Lab for two weeks.

11/4 - 12/6, 2011 PhD student Akira Wada from Osaca City University was visiting NeTReL Lab and working on the joint US-Japan project, "SeRViTR" for a month!

November 2-4, 2011: Parikshit and Xuan Liu attended GEC12, Kanas City, US. They presented a demo on Dynamic Network Reconfiguration on GpENI-VINI testbed.

October 2011: Iyad Katib presented the paper "A Network Protection Design Model and A Study of Three-Layer Networks with IP/MPLS, OTN, and DWDM," co-authored with Deep Medhi at the 8th International Workshop on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN 2011), Krakow, Poland, October 2011. It was a best paper finalist!

September 2011: Iyad Katib presented the paper "A Study on Layer Correlation Effects through a Multilayer Network Optimization Problem," co-authored with Deep Medhi at ITC 2011, San Francisco, CA, September 2011. It was a best student paper finalist!

September 2011: Haiyang Qian and Parikshit Juluri won the Best Student Poster Awards at ITC2011. Congratulations!

September 2011: Haiyang Qian started an internship at Huawei Technologies, Santa Clara, California.

August 2011: Chockalingam Eswaramurthy defended his thesis "SiDR: A Secure inter Domain Routing Protocol for Future Internet". He now works for NetApps in Wichita, KS.

July 26 ~ 28, 2011: Xuan Liu attended GEC11, Denver US. She presented a tutorial on GpENI-VINI testbed. The tutorial is titled "GpENI Network Virtualization: A Tutorial".

Xuan Liu attended GEC11 and presented GpENI-VINI tutorial.

May 2011: Raghunandan Sridhar, Xuan Liu, and Haiyang Qian presented Graduate Student Posters at Great Plains Network Annual Meeting (GPN 2011). Raghunandan won the second place in the student poster competition, congratulations!

May 2011: Haiyang Qian presented the paper "A Hierarchical Model to Evaluate Quality of Experience of Online Services Hosted by Cloud Computing" co-authored with Deep Medhi and Kishor Trivedi at IM'2011, Dublin, Ireland

May 2011: Deep Medhi is a Keynote Speaker at ManFI'2011 and presented his keynote titled "Vetwork Virtualization i GpENI: Framework, Implementation & Integration Experience" in Dublin, Ireland.

April 2011: Iyad Katib defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations, Dr.Katib! He's joining King Abdulazis University, Saudi Arabia as an assistant professor of Computer Science.

March 15 ~ 17, 2011: Xuan Liu attended GEC10, Puerto Rico. She presented the tutorial titled "GpENI-VINI Experiment"

March 2011: Haiyang Qian presented the paper (co-authored with Deep Medhi) "Server Operational Cost Optimization for Cloud Commputing Service Providers over a Time Horizon" at USENIX Hot-ICE'11 in Boston.

February 2011: Parikshit Juluri started an Internship at Orange Lab, France. He'll be spending six months there.